Hoofed animals (ungulates) with an even number of toes located on each foot. Endemic to every continent in the world (if not on land, in the sea) Artiodactyla is an ancient and successful lineage originating in the Holarctic region during the early Eocene. The first Artiodactyl was a rabbit sized creature called Diacodexis that was used as a source of prey for medium and large predators. However this underdog in the game of life would give rise to the vast majority of the terrestrial megafauna of today, and even the largest creatures the sea has ever known, the whales. Although Artiodactyla is a formidable group of creatures that inspire awe in the hearts of people, they also need our help. Creatures such as whales and antelope are on a sharp decline in numbers because of human activity, and awareness needs to be raised in order to keep this ancient clade around for the future generations to enjoy and appreciate.