Lewisia leeana Study Progress Report 2020

I presented a poster a the Northern California Botanists Symposium in Chico, CA, on January 14. see: http://www.sierrahiker.com/NorcalPoster14Jan2020small.jpg

I had my left hip replaced on June 5, which cut into my field season. At the suggestion of Chris Winchell who I met during the poster session in Chico, I visited Corral Mountain in the John Muir Wilderness on a three day hike in August. I found several more L. leeana plants, extending its distribution several miles to the north and east of the study area and increasing total observations in the area to 637.

Later that month, I spent four days in the Dinkey Lakes Wilderness extending L. leeana's distribution to the north. The area was very dry and no L. leeana plants were blooming. The plants were easy enough to ID but most of them were in horrible shape. Alpine gentian was thriving and almost made up for the sorry state of the L. leeana plants.

For a summary of the field season, visit: http://www.sierrahiker.com/Hiking2020/index.html

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I'm glad that your hip replacement surgery didn't stop you this year. I didn't realize that the smoke had made its way that far south and high up into your hiking territory. It will be interesting to see your report next year, to see how the L. leeana are doing then after their struggle this year. Despite the drought and smoke, you got some very nice photos, as usual.

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Thanks, Paloma.
I have seen L. leeana come back after other periods of drought and I expect it will in the future. It's not very pretty when it doesn't get enough water.
The alpine gentian I saw on both trips this year, really surprised me, though. It's one of those plants that, once you've seen it and where it occurs, you can find if you take a little extra time looking for it.
We bought a new car that will allow me to take a road that puts me closer to Dinkey Lakes. I will probably be spending most of my field/hiking time in the Dinkey Lakes area for the rest of my life.
Best Wishes -

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