First records of species of the genus Exoprosopa in Argentina

According to the World Catalog of Bombyliidae of Evenhuis and Greathead of 2015, in Argentina there are no species for the genus Exoprosopa. Nor are there (publicly) later scientific works that change this situation. However, citizen science and experts, through platforms such as, provide concrete physical evidence, such as photographic records, which allow this situation to be updated. It is thus, as several records allow, to establish that there are several species of this genus in Argentina.
Of 12 records associated with this genus, at least 5 different species can be differentiated, recorded from the North to the South of the country.
In order to be able to reference them, and pending scientific work that identifies them as such, I have assigned names.
Here are the potential species:

01) World catalog of bee flies (Diptera: Bombyliidae) by Evenhuis N.L., Greathead D.J. (2015)

Posted on Κυριακή 12 Ιούνιος 2022 18:24:28 UTC by orlandomontes orlandomontes


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