A Trip to Lake Berryessa

Saturday, September 25, 2021

I just woke up, it is 8am, and it is foggy outside here in Daly City. The weather is a little bit cold, the kind of weather that makes me feel like staying home all day. With the cold weather I feel like making something warm for breakfast. I have decided to make Moroccan green tea and french toast for breakfast. My plan for today is to take a break and go somewhere nice to clear my head and get some positive energy for the rest of the week. It is 10am now and me, my older sister, and my 3 year old niece are going to Napa City for the day. Napa is an hour and 10 minutes drive from home. We decided to go to Lake Berryessa near Napa as well. It is a beautiful and large lake where you go for a family picnic and you can swim in the lake as well. We are finally here in Napa City, it is 12:34pm, and the weather here is actually nice, warm, and sunny. We are going to get some food for lunch and then head to Lake Berryessa. I’m on the road heading to the lake and the road goes through a forest surrounded by trees and green mountains. I’m finally here at the lake, I feel a little bit dizzy from the road, too many turns and ups and downs. Feeling much better now after getting out of the car and getting some fresh air. The weather is actually much better and warmer than Napa, the temperature is 82 fahrenheit. It is almost 6pm and I’m about to head home. It was fun to come here today, I swam with my niece. Also, I rented a jet ski and took a long ride in the lake. It was so fun. I feel like I needed this today just to have fun and relax to refresh my energy to look positively forward to completing my school work throughout the week.

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