Caesalps on southern continents, part 3

Having covered Australia and South America, let us turn to Africa, where caesalps dominate some of the most extensive types of vegetation, and characterise important ecosystems ( and and and and

Much of tropical Africa is covered by woodlands and savannas dominated collectively by the caesalps Brachystegia (, Julbernardia ( and Isoberlinia (, all of which are ectomycorrhizal.

Extensive savanna in tropical southern Africa is dominated by Colophospermum ( and, which is not ectomycorrhizal.

Minor areas are dominated by the small trees Baikiaea ( and and Burkea ( and and and

Tropical rainforest is in places dominated by Gilbertiodendron (, Julbernardia and Cryptosepalum (, all of which are ectomycorrhizal, and possibly also Baikiaea (, Cynometra and Tetraberlinia (

Tropical rainforest elsewhere contains Anthonotha (, Berlinia (, Microberlinia (, Aphanocalyx (, Paramacrolobium (, Didelotia and Afzelia (, all of which are also ectomycorrhizal ( and despite failing to dominate the canopy.

Dialium occurs as a minor component of equatorial rainforest in Africa (e.g., as it does in South America.

As on the other southern continents, there are shrubby/weedy caesalps in the genera Cassia, Senna, Chamaecrista, Piliostigma and Bauhinia ( In addition there is Pterolobium ( and, which does not occur on the other southern continents.

Caesalps in the form of large shrubs or small trees occur in semi-deserts in Africa, e.g. Parkinsonia (shared with South America), Ceratonia ( and Dialium ( and and

Guibourtia in the form of trees ( and extends to extratropical southern Africa, as a minor part of the vegetation, as do small trees of Schotia ( and Peltophorum. However, the only ectomycorrhizal caesalp that extends considerably into South Africa is Afzelia quanzensis.

To be continued...

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Erythrophleum occurs in both Australia and Africa ( Hymenaea occurs in both South America and Africa (

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The caesalp Umtiza, which is a small tree, is restricted to South Africa well beyond the tropics: and and

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