Chromolaichma sedna (Marcus & Marcus, 1967) has been split

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A recent study, Layton & Wilson 2024, has split Chromolaichma sedna (Marcus & Marcus, 1967):
C. sedna: eastern Pacific
C. hemera: western Atlantic

More over, the authors discover ''extensive phylogeographic structure within C. hemera sp. nov. sensu lato, thereby refuting the hypothesis of a recent introduction'' and found ''significant rate heterogeneity among marine invertebrate genera that share a similar lifespan, reproductive mode and dispersal potential, suggesting that life history traits do not drive differences in mitochondrial rates''.

The new taxon was created on iNat and here is the paper:
Layton, K. K. S.; Wilson, N. G. (2024). Validating a molecular clock for nudibranchs—No fossils to the rescue.

Enjoy reading!

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Thanks for alerting us to this, @hsini_lin!

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@jeffgoddard My pleasure, Jeff!

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Thanks for updating us through your journal post @hsini_lin

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thanks! @hsini_lin

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