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Recently @muir and family visited my home town. Over their few days several of us locals (including @paul_norwood @mccay79 @kljinsitka @sitkaconnor @kilasiak) managed to get out with them. I was also able to record a conversation for my radio show which airs on our local community radio station. We spent a fair amount of time talking about iNaturalist, so I decided to post the link to the recording here in case some iNaturalst folks might be inclined to check it out:

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That was really fun to do, thanks for inviting me onto your radio show Matt. I'm still uploading observations, but here is a link to the days I was in Sitka:

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Nice - looks like you're the 17th member of the Sitka 100 club! (Not an official club.)

The third non-resident (@damontighe and @jonthangoff are also non-residents with over 100 species).

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Thanks for tagging me. I wasn't aware of the radio show pieces!

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