Greetings from Brazil

Hello iNat folks. My wife and I departed on a trip to the Pantanal of Brazil on August 8. We will get home Aug. 20, but then gone again 23rd to 27th of August in west Texas. Internet very slow to none in Brazil so I have not been making any posts nor responding to 65+ pings to me....just too tedious to deal with at the slow pace of this Internet. I'll make posts eventually and get caught up on pings when I can. I have seen about 10 Jaguars in the past 3 days which has been quite an experience. No images of some, poor images of other and pretty decent shots of a few....I'll post these eventually. Should have some interesting bird and other mammal stuff as well. Anyway, best to all and I'll get back on iNat when I have a decent Internet connection.

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Wow! What a fantastic trip! Looking forward to your photos! Wanda

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