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I've kind of hit the pause button on this project, but anyone is welcome to take up the mantle. I've been seeing other taxa I also want to add to this, but I always considered this tip-of-the-iceberg stuff. Here is the list of stuff that needs to get straightened out: And here is the stuff that has been You can look at what still is remaining out of the stuff we cleaned up by searching this:,37,18,36,12,44,13,7590,6883,13336,7587,6853,9116,17,41,2,47,49,8,48,51,42,4,5,39,33,7,31,29,20,32,35,24,38,28,25,36,19,26,45,30,43,23,21,27&per_page=200. And you can check out the 18,000+ observations still remaining by looking at these pages here:,37,18,36,12,44,13,7590,6883,13336,7587,6853,9116,17,41,2,47,49,8,48,51,42,4,5,39,33,7,31,29,20,32,35,24,38,28,25,36,19,26,45,30,43,23,21,27&per_page=200. I figure we probably fixed around 10,000. I only recieved two complaints really, the first was frustration at the AI for suggesting poor ID's and lack of help, and the second from people who think that maybe they should be left with the European names because it's close to that. Well it may be, but it's probably close to something from here too, in the case of Russula anyway. So I don't feel too bad. Most of my cut-and-pastes gave some kind of guidance where one could at least go and find it's named cousins if not the exact species, though in the case of a red Russula it would be likely be a gamble either way. I would love to continue it as there are a couple more low hanging fruit on there. Stereum versicolor, anyone? But I have some real work that needs to be attended to. And if you catch me doing this in the next couple weeks, feel free to tell me to quit it and to get back to work.

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I thought your comments were very helpful!

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