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What do you all think about just binning everything to Fungi that isn't a plant or an animal? It would make it easier for the folks who have to deal with unknowns like @peakaytea. Most of us Fungi people know what slime molds are. Insect galls, virus-plant things would be an obvious problem for me, but really, what percentages would we be talking? 0.1%, 0.01%? It would create some openings for anyone looking to specialize in Fungi or slime molds by getting into binning things from Fungi down. It's the proper way to learn, and you will get loads of help from anyone serious. Really, I don't know anyone who is into identifying slime molds who isn't curious about mushrooms, and vice versa. The lookalikes for one are generally the other. We NEED to know lookalikes!
Also, if people are serious about helping identifying mushrooms, curating the mushrooms as they come in without undersides shots and without close-ups would be pretty helpful. I saw,"Provide Cropped Photo
It's helpful if you can crop the photo more closely to the subject. iNaturalist resizes images, so while we can zoom in to try to see it closer, the image does lose some resolution. Cropping usually makes it easier to get an identification too." Here: This would be great for people to tag blurry or far away mushroom pics with. Maybe not so much this time of year. In places like California or Australia, this probably isn't a problem as they have active groups of people identifying things. I've been looking through thousands of observations in my area that just don't have enough information for me to help out on. Some pretty cool things too! They will just sit there in my area of the world. For the purpose of this discussion, I extrapolate "my part of the world" to everywhere other than California, Australia, and Europe. Here, I am often the only one who identifies something. I typically don't bother when the mushrooms are active. I would make more of a point of doing it if people were helping curate things at least. I will anyway. Maybe it's my fault for waiting so long to identify things? I don't know about that though, there are plenty of easy things still sitting there from Summer and beyond waiting to be identified.

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Talking with @michaelpirrello about this it seems like he came up with one really simple solution, just use this url: I am really happy to see more than 30 observations per page also since that's what I've been staring at the last six months (before that I used the Explore tool mostly, doh).

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