Date Set: Rattlesnake Ridge & Audobon of Little Rock

Since Rattlesnake Ridge opened last spring, I've been planning on going this spring. I'm planning on spending a week's vacation in Little Rock, and one of things I want to do is see this park. I reserved a hotel in north Little Rock last night, so I have a date set. I'm posting about it now to invite Arkansas naturalists and anyone interested in going to come in with me so we can get as many observations as possible.


Friday, May 17th: Drive to Little Rock
Saturday, May 18th: Rattlesnake Ridge Blitz!
Sunday, May 19th: Little Rock Audubon Center

I'm not sure what I'm going to do for the rest of the week yet, besides fishing at Pinnacle Mountain State Park, but I am inviting people to join me for Rattle Snake Ridge and the Audubon center.

@arbutterflynut @royaltyler (I think you mentioned that you wanted to go?) @eric_hunt @cherrielee @mayfly1963 @gcsnelling @mfria631 @moondevg

I think I got all the Arkansas regulars there. If you know anyone else who might want to go, please pass this post on!

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Sounds interesting, I shall try to make it.

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Augghh! Timing!! =(

That's the weekend for the Arkansas Native Plant Society Spring meeting. I will be leading field trips Saturday and Sunday, mostly at Camp Robinson Special Use Area.

Rattlesnake Ridge is beautiful hiking country and it's got a decent flora but it's not a wildflower paradise.

The glades at Gillam Park / Audubon Center are way more interesting as well as checking out the rare high quality flatwoods at Ranch North Woods and also the remnant prairies at Camp Robinson Special Use Area. If I had a weekend in central Arkansas and limited time, Rattlesnake Ridge would be maybe 5th or 6th on the list of places to check out, believe it or not.

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This sounds great. I should be able to make it on the weekend. I've yet to venture to Rattlesnake Ridge, but I've been to the Audubon Center and Gillam Park. I would also recommend Boyle Park Eric has kept a great plant list for the park and I've come across some really neat Odes in that section of Rock Creek.

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I might be able to join you on that Monday the 20th and Ranch North Woods definitely after work any night that week - my office is close-ish in west Little Rock and it's small enough that the best parts can be seen between 4:30 and dusk.

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