You do not have to accept the constant taxonomic change on iNat

Did you know you can opt out of having your observations automatically changed to the flavor-of-the-day hypersplitting and revision iNat now has adopted since it's linked to Plants of the World Online?

Under your profile under Content and Display, uncheck 'automatically update my content for taxonomic changes'.

It's clear in the text they aren't actually mandatory.

"Taxonomy Settings
Automatically update my content for taxon changes
When taxa are merged or renamed on iNaturalist, your observations, listed taxa, identifications, etc. will be automatically updated to the new taxa if the change is unambiguous. If you opt out or the change is ambiguous (e.g. a split), you will receive an update about the change linking to a tool you can use to manually update your content if you choose."

I've stopped accepting the changes as they are making the site unusable.

see also this post:

Posted on Μάιος 06, 2024 1046 ΜΜ by charlie charlie


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